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Projection is a mechanism in which our minds are able to provide certain qualities of ourselves to other beings or objects. The human psyche has this amazing ability to endow other people, animals, things with qualities that are most significant to them; but have nothing to do with who or what this relationship is projected on. The best example would be a photograph of a young woman.

If you pass that photograph to a group of people, each of them will determine something different about who she is and what they think of her. It turns out that almost everyone has their own projection. They put their inner essence into everything. This is not surprising, because it is impossible to assume something accurate about a person about whom you have no information.


Projection mechanism

Projection is an unconscious mechanism. This is when we fail to see in the other what is in reality. We only project the components that belong to our own personality.

In this situation, the principle works that allow us to see qualities in others; the presence of which we do not even suspect in ourselves, or, knowing about them, we try to displace. An amazing thing happens – those features that are extremely difficult for us to see in ourselves, we very clearly notice in others. It’s like a movie projector, which allows us to recognize small but very vulnerable parts of our being. And having seen – also to gain integrity, to which the essence has aspiration. In this process, a huge role is played by the projection mechanism, which enters into a dialogue with an unknown part of its personality. But what will follow this dialogue – love or enmity?

Change of object

Another aspect of such a mechanism is the possibility of changing the object to which the projection itself is directed.

It has already been confirmed that between two very close people a certain space arises that can change both. If you want to match the chosen person, very quick changes occur.

The brightest screen on which our projections are displayed is children and animals.

The very mechanism of our projection is unconscious. Our repeated shouts and remarks unconsciously push a person to become like that. If a mother repeatedly accuses her baby of being sloppy, then he will be the bearer of her projection.

Projection in family

A family in which the only male is a little boy can become a “screen” on which all the aspirations and requirements for the “only man” are projected, and now he will not be able to part with such a heavy burden.

The one who becomes the unconscious victim plays someone else’s role in someone else’s film. And those obligations, fate, and even illnesses, which are alien to him, are pushing to bring to the end the work of the one whose projection was on him.

At the same time, animals are able to perfectly adapt to the wishes of the owners.

Usually adopted children choose this style of behavior for themselves. Their similarity with their non-blood parents can be much stronger than that of their own children. And are even able to take on diseases transmitted through genetics in a given genus. The subconscious mind pushes them to do this in order to fit into the system. To become a family member, like members of a foster family, and live in the paradigm of the projection assigned to it.

Animals living next to humans are capable of taking on human projections. When they succeed, they are able to carry human diseases. Dying from oncology or diabetes mellitus. They free a person from the need to go through such severe ailments. Instead of us, they are able to accept death or through their death to express the depth of our depression.

Having the ability of the psyche to create projections, each of us can see what is most difficult to meet within ourselves. These are nothing more than attempts to revive their integrity.

However, this only happens at the expense of others.

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