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When a person begins to strive for spiritual awakening, they encounter inside and outside themselves different forces that prevent change. I had the opportunity to observe a large number of people in the course of such cultivation of their own consciousness and a qualitative improvement in life. And I noticed that the most important emotion that hinders growth (individual and collective) is FEAR.

People are afraid of pain, fear of loss, fear of losing their existing sources of income or property, losing their identity, etc. Therefore, it is very important to realize that it is fear that acts as a blocker of development and a brake on the path of your self-development.

Is our fear real?

Of course, there are situations when a person is in incredibly difficult life circumstances and his fear is akin to the instinct of self-preservation – it protects. But, believe me, these are really isolated cases. Most of the human fears are based on illusions, fantasies, speculation!

A person himself forms his personal fears on the basis of imaginary stories. Many people believe in self-constructed logical rationalizations that, by and large, support false truths. Such rationalizations distort the deep truth about universal human existence: we are all vulnerable and fragile, and together we share common human conditions. And it is on separation and fear that the lust for power and privilege is based. In a way, this is a special kind of ignorance created and maintained all over the world.

Eight steps

Follow the EIGHT steps below to be loving, sincere, and free:

1. Open yourself to the wide stream and field of ignorance, let go of any preliminary judgments.

2. Treat the accumulated knowledge in the past easily and freely; use it if necessary, but do not allow it to dominate. As well as do not allow distorting what is happening in the Present.

3. Relax completely and immerse yourself in the very depths of your physical and subtle being. Trust in the mysterious creative power.

4. As soon as you feel that any blockages or fears arise, then notice them, accept and know what they are. In this way, you can simultaneously develop healthy boundaries and a sense of self.

5. Don’t lose the support you’ve found: stay awake and, of course, present.

6. Set yourself up for existential feedback.

7. Feel this deep truth, which is that EVERYTHING and ALL is expressed and created by the same unknown and mysterious source of Being.

8. Realize that all people are intimately connected in absolutely every aspect of their existence.


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