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People often meet with the feeling of envy in their lives. But they do not always know how to respond to it and what envy is really about in general. In fact, it is both a source of weakness and strength. This will be discussed in the article.

The psychology of envy

Envy can be felt in the body as an unpleasant burning sensation localized in the abdomen or chest. That is why people who encounter it speak of this feeling as eating away at them from the inside. Many are even surprised that this is how they react to other people’s successes, to positive events in the lives of acquaintances and friends, because it would seem that one should be happy, but it does not work! And the real reason lies in the inner world of the person.

What does it mean?

If you are envious, then you see something valuable in a person, consider them the owner of something that is important and meaningful specifically for you. And then envy becomes the “chain” by which you are now connected with this person. At the same time, you will most likely feel anger and obvious irritation towards them, because they are the owner of what is not available to you. It can be some kind of material wealth, personal qualities or status, social criteria: success, honor, respect, love, attention, interest of others, etc.

That is, but by and large, envy means that your desire has come true, BUT: for someone else, not for you!

How then to be?

It is important to lower the MAIN THING here – envy helps you realize what you really want very much. It seems to pierce the insides as if saying: “Look, your treasure is very close, but you don’t have it!

If you do not stop there (that is, do not hear yourself) and continue to listen to envy, then it will gain momentum, becoming more and more obsessive. It will literally begin to control you: “Take it! Take his place! ”. And then your life will turn into a sad spectacle – a constant pursuit of the desires and goals of another person.

Do you understand what this means? That you simply have neither the strength nor the time to fulfill your own needs. Is it really sad? In my opinion – VERY.

And then envy will begin to bring pain, and this means that one day you will want to hurt the person who causes envy in you. This path is the path of destruction.

How to get rid of envy?

To say goodbye to envy, you must, first of all, realize that, following her lead, you will certainly lose yourself. To prevent this, you need to recognize your own responsibility for your life. Yes, you can get whatever you want!

But when you envy someone, you do not recognize your own capabilities and abilities to get what you want, and you have them. If you understand this, and most importantly – BELIEVE in your inner “I”, then envy will quickly transform into a determination to get what you want.

And then you will know for sure that everything and always depends only on you!

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