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What to do to interest a man

If you want to have a man who takes interest in you, first you have to learn to like yourself. Being your true self, genuine, and authentic is what is going to attract a man’s interest in you. After all, every man is flattered to be the conqueror of something valuable, unusual. He will not have any desire to conquer what in his eyes is not. At the same time, as soon as a man became interested and began to conquer, he will highly value only what was given to him with great difficulty. Indeed, even in our pragmatic age, the instinct of the conqueror has been preserved.

When a woman seeks a man

Now look at it in a different way, as soon as a woman seeks to please a man, the following happens. It turns out that he is valuable, not you. After all, if you are completely absorbed in trying to please him, then you don’t consider yourself valuable. In fact, there is a reversal of roles: a woman conducts a conquest, and then he has no choice but to wait for courtship. But you wondered if you want to be with this man. After all, you have to adjust your life to it, abandon your own plans. It seems to you that the weekend will come, and he will organize everything and be sure to invite you.

At the same time, a man feels like a woman has dissolved in him. This isn’t attractive for him and it makes him lose interest. A woman should be able to have her own interests and hobbies. But as soon as you give up your world and run on the first call to a meeting with him, then at first, he will even flatter it. However, a little time will pass, and he will not reckon with you. A woman should have her own world, in which there is a place for herself, and above all – self-respect.

And then you notice that he doesn’t appreciate you. Don’t be angry at this, because he treats you the way you allowed him. After all, it is you who rush at the first call, changing your plans. Maybe you just waited all day (maybe more) for his call, and when it finally comes, you ditched everything to be by his side.

If you don’t value yourself, then why should someone else do it? A woman starving for love takes rash steps, caused by the desire to quickly be with a man. She rushes into the arms of the one who did not conquer but received everything without effort. He will stop appreciating all this very easily.


Dear women, you always have a choice: follow your desire, or live according to your plan, live your own life, not someone else’s. Pleasing yourself is an effective way to be attractive to others. This is the real magic that fascinates and gives you the opportunity to enjoy your own life. When you know how to appreciate yourself, you let the man into your life much more carefully. For a man to be significant to you, he must first confirm that he is worthy of it. Don’t think this is some kind of game. It’s about self-respect. This behavior is the norm for a woman who knows what is valuable to her.


Love and appreciate yourself, then everything will be your way.

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