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Active or not very active; athletic or feminine; strict or laughing; managers or chefs; brunettes or blondes. Everyone wants male love and its manifestations. Any woman melts from the words “unique”, “beloved”, “you are my soul”, “I dreamed of you all my life”, “I will not give you to anyone”. Oh, how many all kinds of manipulations and tricks women use to get even a centimeter closer to these words and feelings.

If we look at women who, today, hear all this and are happy in relationships. It will be extremely difficult to find common features or actions in them. However, there are manifestations that can help many to reach that very man’s love. And not a quick loss of interest, irritation, and conflicts out of the blue.

Let’s go from the opposite. Okay? 

Let’s imagine that you came to the store for the thing you need, you are greeted by an unbridled-looking salesperson. Well, that’s how it happens. They don’t care what you need. Whether they sell you a product or not, they roll their eyes and smack their lips. What do you think?

Now let’s imagine that you came to a restaurant. Your order is taken by a good man. A waiter, very interested, with sloppy nails, a filthy apron and dirty hair. What would you think?

You choose a nanny for your children. A dry bore comes, who monotonously mutters about development, rules, money, hours of work. And you see not a single emotion, not a smile, not participation. Just a memorized text?

At work, you get a partner who incessantly tells you everything about themselves, about their friends, relatives, intrigues, twists, and turns of their life. Constantly. You have your own business, but does he or she constantly require your attention, opinion, support? He takes offense at your employment and then again chatters about someone.

You meet a guy who loves plush toys, hair gel, affectionate words, and sometimes cries from trepidation or resentment. How will you feel?

 Appearance is not the main thing, but the most important thing.

As you, me, and any person have the opportunity and choice, we will use them. If I have a choice to buy a beautiful bag or not a beautiful one, rather, I will choose the first option. Also, when choosing a companion, a man will choose a more beautiful one. Because it is easier and more pleasant. In addition to this, men do not believe that a beautiful inner world can be in an ugly frame.

It is difficult to imagine a man walking up to an unkempt woman with dirty hair, pimples all over her face and say: – A beautiful stranger!. Will you tell me about your inner world, I really want to connect fate with you. The first step is to learn, first of all, to highlight, to love your external virtues. Taking care of your appearance by a man will be appreciated more than the super recipe cutlets, but with garlic under the nails.


Learn to smile!

Am I a fool to smile at everyone?
When you want to be convinced of the hatred of women towards you, go to some lecture and stand in the place of the lecturer, look carefully at the listeners. In the best case, 1% out of 100% will smile at you. And these are women in safe and even comfortable conditions. They came to receive learn something. However, most of the women have a glance of cold hatred.

The most amazing thing is that after that, during a break, one or two of them will come up and say that they are very interested! I never would have thought, really! For me, it is always surprising. Such a degree of discrepancy between the internal state and the external. And men? How can you guess from the stone face that they are pleased to meet you? You yourself are not particularly pleased with unfriendly sellers. The answer is simple. Many do not know how to smile. And when we are not able to do something, we are afraid of it.

The good news: there is a choice – to be afraid or to learn. And, God forbid, do not study with strangers or unpleasant people. Learn by yourself. Every hour, as a reminder on your phone, smile at yourself. If you want in the mirror if you want without it. In any case, it will be warmer and one less fear. And, at best, you will own your smile as a weapon that is difficult to resist.


Where do I put my mind? I am not blonde!

Many women, convinced of their strength and intelligence, exclude any manifestations of femininity. Which in itself is stupid.
– Men are just afraid of me!
– I’ll tell you more, women are afraid of you. More, of course, they are afraid of your integrity and correctness.
This category of women, in principle, do everything according to the rules; beautician there, pedicure, trendy dress, reading books. But … she’s a soldier. According to the charter!

What is the problem? In highs, in freedom, in pleasure, in comfort, in laughter with joy. There is no relationship without inner freedom. Which begins with allowing yourself to enjoy what you really like! Dancing, singing, cooking, shopping, floristry, motorcycles, theater, champagne, shoes, girlfriends, climbing, swimming, lecturing, traveling, drawing – but not for show. In fact, in order to dissolve in it the way you ever will together dissolve in the freedom of your senses. Wow!

The ships manoeuvred but did not fish

Learn to answer exactly the questions that you are asked. Unnecessary arguments, even the most seasoned ones, do not excite men. Superfluous chatter has never been valuable and important information. Stop entertaining others with your opinion on all topics in a row. This is annoying.

Learn to ask the question:
– What do I specifically expect from him?
Activity, attention, manifestations of love, respect – all this is not specific.
Movies, flowers, dinner, nailing a shelf, sex – that’s it! And when you start discussing plans with him, just include any specific item in them. The man will only be glad.

When you don’t understand why a man says something to you or behaves, in your opinion, strange, ask him a specific question:
– What do you expect from me?
And if you get a clear answer, try to accept it. If there is any dregs: “you should feel”, “but you cannot guess yourself?” etc., take care of yourself without hesitation. Well, if, of course, there is no desire to dig deeper into your inferiority, because you don’t come with mud after another.

Learn to love sex

Sex is not a job or a duty is the result of communication between a man and a woman. Sex without result, but simply because it is like a rose without a cake, tasty, but not enough.

Of course, there are many pieces of training on the topic of technology and the philosophy of sex, but until you yourself know and feel what you like about sex and how no training will help you. Masturbation is a tool for exploring your fantasies and body, your characteristics.

Nothing stimulates a man like a female orgasm, sensual, sincere, healthy. First, learn to relax, study your body and your reactions, and fantasize.

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