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Many of us underestimate the importance of sex in relationships. People often compromise: she/he is a good person, a caring and wonderful spouse. Maybe we don’t have sex often, but living with her/him is calm, comfortable, and wonderful. This is fundamentally the wrong approach.

A relationship that doesn’t have satisfactory sex for both is doomed to failure. Your sex and your relationship are not two different aspects, but the same thing. In fact, the act of love is a direct projection of how you relate to each other. If you do not feel attracted to your partner, if one of the two is rude and hasty, if you are indifferent, not satisfied, you don’t care, or some actions make you angry during intimacy – the same as in your relationship.

Your sexual relationship with your partner is what each of you brings in the relationship, and at the same time what you create together. This creation can be bright, sensual, and beautiful, or, conversely, dull, and uninteresting. One thing is important: relationships without good sex die out and do not develop. And if your sex life isn’t satisfying, change is essential!

Of course, it is worth working on yourself, both you and your partner. Listen to each other, try to give each other the most that you can. In some cases, the lack of passion indicates that people are sexually incompatible. And then it makes sense to think about changing your partner. If you and your partner do not have fully mutual sexual attraction, passion, a healthy and harmonious relationship with him will not work out.

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