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Every woman is interested in how to choose a man for long and happy life. And I want to bring to your attention some qualities of the character of men, which speak about how much a person really is ready to build strong, lasting, long-term relationships. They will help you choose the right partner who will become your future husband!

11 steps to a happy life


Imagine your perfect man

Think about a man you are interested in. Did you do it? Now close your eyes, feel your body, and open your own senses. Try boldly! Try to imagine that you cannot use your eyes. In this state, what can you say about the qualities of this person? About his kindness, insight, loyalty, how he cares not only about you but also about himself. So your true perception of a man will manifest itself, and emotionally you will open up even more.

How does he learn?

The hallmark of a person who can become a partner for a long time, and not for a short period of time, is his ability to learn. If you want a long-term relationship, then opt for the person who is interested in what is happening around him. Who is inquisitive by nature, who can develop and grow. It is then that the two of you will never be bored, and you will surprise each other.

Seek femininity too

Look for someone who has not only pronounced masculine qualities, but also some feminine qualities: in particular – flexibility and sensuality. The first suggests that a person has the ability to bend (compromise), but at the same time will never break. And the second quality is his ability (potential) to be loving and kind.

Trust is important

Think about the fact that if you choose a man for your whole life, is it worth hiding your pain points from him? It is important to be open yourself and at the same time be able to see someone else’s pain, even if it is under the mask. Trust is the main foundation of intimacy. And if you frankly tell your man about exactly what words or actions hurt you, then you will be able to make him understand what suits you and what does not. By opening up, you do not become vulnerable at all. On the contrary, you get protection!

Enthusiasm is good

Pay attention to those men who have a rich inner world and are addicted to something. It can be absolutely any hobby. The main thing is that a person is enthusiastically aware of his needs and goes his own way. Any relationship implies the presence and alternation of such phases when you want to be alone and, conversely, when you want to merge together. A passionate person will always recognize that you and yourself have the right to time for personal interests and understand that they include financial investments. This means that such a man will not overly control you in the chosen leisure and set limits or restrictions on the expenditure of material resources.

Shared interests

The ideal option is if you choose a person who shares your hobby since in this case, you will have a common cause and common interest. Or, for example, you can genuinely get carried away by a man’s hobby. It is only important that you really like it. Shared memories are the glue for any relationship. The common hobby broadens the horizons and gives incomparable joy from the joint creation process.

Same values

It is very important (!) To choose a person who will share your worldview and other values. We are talking about the attitude towards the family, towards children, towards money, towards religious issues, etc. It is worth clarifying these values as early as possible in order to understand what you will build a long-term relationship with a man. This approach will allow you to avoid projections, reduce the reasons for quarrels.

Humor is important

It is very important that a man and a man can laugh at themselves kindly. Humor is a wonderful quality that is simply necessary for family life. If a person has a good sense of humor, then he can always defuse the situation during the conflict. If he does not have it, then, on the contrary, any of your jokes can be perceived as a mockery and will be able to stir up a quarrel. When you are happy in your relationship, you’ll have a happy future.

What are you willing to put up with?

In any relationship, there is something that you are ready to put up with, and something that categorically does not suit you. These are the so-called “annoying habits”. I do not recommend naively believing that he will endure and fall in love, i.e. hope that you will someday come to terms with how this or that action on the part of a person awakens your irritation. It will be more honest to realize and acknowledge your own feelings about this and determine whether you are really ready to “close your eyes” to this irritating action. When making a choice, follow it, and then later you will not have to grind your teeth out of powerlessness and anger.

Become friends first

Choose a man to whom you want to become a friend, because then you can talk to him literally about everything. Someone you’ll be happy with. For clarity: imagine what you are ready to do for your friends, and what – directly for your loved one.

Is your life brighter by his presence?

Check from time to time – the one in whose favor you made the choice makes your life brighter, richer, happier,  and more interesting. If yes, then you are on the right track.


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