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Childbirth is an amazing journey for a woman who wishes to be a mother. Therefore, this journey is accompanied not only by great joy but also by a shock for the whole organism, including her intimate sphere. A certain percentage of moms are faced with the fact that they experience a decrease in libido.

They begin to avoid intimacy with their partner. In addition, their perception of sexual contact is disgusting.

Reasons for the issue

The lack of libido after childbirth has its own reasons, among which the most common are:

•  fatigue caused by childbirth,

•  childcare;

•  complexes about their figure;

•  obsession with the problems of the baby;

•  postpartum depression;

•  hormonal changes.


Attention should be paid to these features of the female body.

It’s designed in such a way that immediately after childbirth, there is no sexual desire.

Doctors do not recommend having intimacy for the first 6 weeks after childbirth. With an eye to this, the question naturally arises: what should be done in order to restore libido after childbirth?


Understanding the issue

The newly baked father’s understanding of the characteristics of the female body is important.

This will help provide his beloved woman with a benevolent atmosphere, in which there will be no place for stress, various experiences, aggression.

At the same time, young mothers have to learn to pay attention not only to the baby, but also to remember that she is a wife, a beloved woman, and her partner expects affection and tenderness from her.


Tips to restore libido

To restore libido after childbirth, you need to listen to your body and follow simple tips that will have a beneficial effect on the renewal of the body.


Sleep is key

The first thing worth paying attention to is rest. It is unacceptable to keep your body in endless tension.

When the child falls asleep, mom is simply obliged to sleep, while postponing all matters.

You should not constantly think about what else needs to be done.

A fresh, rested mother and wife are pleasant to themselves, and even more so to the child and husband.


Balanced life and exercise

Get busy with bouncing your body. Be in the fresh air more often: especially since the baby also needs walks.

If you are not ready to start doing physical exercises right away, use the simple method of our grandmothers: do your homework, tying your tummy with a regular diaper.

Diet is important. Make sure to include foods rich in vitamins A, E.

Do not forget to eat protein foods rich in zinc, magnesium, manganese. Include seafood and fish in your diet.

Every day, a young mother should include fresh fruits and vegetables in her diet.

When breastfeeding, you need to correlate your menu with the needs and reactions of the baby. Eastern women prefer to consume ginger.


Keep your relationship alive

Spend as much time as possible with your significant other. Find a window for that in your busy schedule.

It can be morning minutes, evening or night 30-40 minutes. 

Find ways to help you emphasize that your husband is as desirable as ever. 

Do not avoid body contact: hugs, light touches, massage.

This will allow you and your husband to concentrate on those that turn you on.

A man should be the most gentle and attentive during the first intimacy after childbirth. 

Gradually you will find a new approach to your intimate life, diversify it.

New poses, gentle foreplay, erotic games will help restore libido.

Do not give up intimacy, even if during the first sex(after childbirth) you do not feel anything.

Gradually, his caresses and your desire to please your beloved will awaken sensuality.


A relaxed body is important

Use aromatherapy as it relaxes well and has a positive effect on libido.

For this, essential oils of ylang-ylang, orange are suitable.

The combination of mandarin and rose essential oils has an amazing effect.

Clary sage oil will sharpen the sensations. Geranium oil helps to dispel depression.

Use folk remedies like chamomile tea. 

Tea made from raspberry leaves and verbena soothes and helps to relieve stress.


Painful sensations may arise during intimacy. In response to this, you should consult a doctor.

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