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freedom of choice

Women of the XXI century are amazing creatures who realize their own freedom of choice and enjoy it. And many of the fair sex today has the following point of view: numerous sexual relationships have a positive effect on beauty, health, and self-esteem.

The idea is that the number of lovers and admirers significantly improves and increases the female status. Especially against the background of those ladies who are not so popular with men.

There are other ladies, and their point of view is entirely different; “Sex is the best way to a serious relationship.” And there are those who believe that a large number of lovers does not fill, but devastates. Therefore, they try to choose one man for a long relationship.

As you can see, “so many people – so many opinions.” Therefore, it is not surprising that at some point I asked myself the question: “What is the real impact of numerous sexual relationships on a woman?. Do they enrich her or, conversely, take energy and make her empty?”

I will share the answer in this article.

“Sex is essential for beauty and health”

Yes, a woman’s physiological need for sex must be satisfied. And they feel that they must have a choice. But the opinion that sex is the main guarantee of beauty, youth, and a healthy body looks doubtful to a certain extent. My personal practice and experience show that women who claim this are in reality unhappy and very lonely.

In fact, they do not want an army of partners. And most importantly, they believe deep inside themselves in their only one and continue to hope to meet with him. And behind sex with different men, they hide all this and hide from lonely melancholy. At the same time, I have not seen a happy woman living a fulfilling life who would follow the principle “sex is for health.

So let’s face it. Do you really believe that sex with numerous men can be a source of happiness?

Sexual energy – yin and yang

More often than not, feelings such as anxiety and fear are hidden behind sexual desire without a clear focus on a particular man. In general, sexual desire, not tied to a specific object, occurs in men. Therefore, its presence in a woman indicates that male energy prevails in her. And this already indicates that she is in internal conflict with her natural essence. The choice is hard.

The fact is that a man’s desire is formed in the “lower chakras”. So he begins to think about how to relieve tension. In women, the emotional sphere acts as the basis of attraction. So desire arises at the top and only then gradually descends.

A woman who first satisfies a sexual need and strives for a man exclusively as an object (that is, it is not thoughts about him and not feelings for him that awaken her desire), thereby moves away from her true feminine nature and seriously destroys it, making room for atypical male.

The basis of a woman is love!

And behind the sexual “appetite” quite often there is a huge need for it. And sex only relieves the tension arising from the desire to be loved, needed, which does not find a way out. That is why sex for the sake of sex leaves a feeling of disgust and filth in the soul.

Sexuality and spirituality of a woman’s nature – is there a connection between them?

Of course yes! On a subconscious level, the spiritual side of the relationship is very important for every woman, which means that all relationships without her interest in a man and him in her will be extremely devastating. They will increase the feeling of loneliness, uselessness, abandonment, plunging into the abyss of a joyless existence. Only a spiritual connection allows an exchange of energies between a man and a woman to take place, which enriches and makes stronger, cleaner, better than both of them. You have the choice here.

Appreciate and love yourself, respect and take care of your “I” and give your own energy only to a worthy man!

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