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How do the laws of the universe work in the field of money and finance

Everyone knows Bible laws. These are the commandments that form the basis of the life of all religious people. We are also familiar with human-made legislation. Each state has its own national characteristics and features and often differs due to the mentality of its citizens. But there are also the Laws of the Universe. They are universal and applicable to any person on our planet, regardless of citizenship, nationality, skin color, and religion. Neither social status nor religion has absolutely no meaning for these laws.

You can receive a punishment in the form of a fine or a term, violating the law or pangs of conscience, violating the commandments, but the violation of the Laws of the Universe will lead to mandatory recoil. Therefore, when something goes wrong in life, you need to stop and think: Am I doing everything right?

If you understand what your mistake is and correct it in time, you will immediately find peace of mind. How to achieve financial abundance?


The three basic laws of the universe will help you.

The law of gratitude

Sincere gratitude is one of our strongest emotions. Gratitude is an incredibly powerful resource. The word “thank you” is one of the first five words that a young child learns. Sincere gratitude provokes vibrations that bring even more moral and material benefits into a person’s life.

However, most of humanity does not know how to appreciate and thank the Universe for what they already have. Instead, you hear constant complaints about what people don’t have.

It is necessary to thank the Universe not only for material benefits but also for joyful emotions, lessons learned, life experience. People who are dissatisfied with what they have been in a state of poverty. This state affects the material sphere, and the emotional, and the soul. This feeling is simply called ingratitude. This is one of the biggest vices in relation to the people around, nature, the Universe.

Learn to show your gratitude for even the smallest and seemingly insignificant things: for the good weather, for the smile of a passer-by, for the work done by yourself on time. Try to change your mindset when doing household chores. Be grateful for the things that you are going to throw away or put in the closet for a long time because they have served you so long and faithfully. Thank Destiny for a life experience, even a negative one, because in the future it will not allow you to repeat the same mistakes, only if you thank.

Live in a state of gratitude. Think less about what you are missing, express more gratitude for what you already have. Very soon you will see how your life will change. You will learn to concentrate on its bright moments and stop complaining about minor and insignificant flaws. Remember that when you are not grateful, which means you devalue what you already have, you broadcast a request to the Universe about the lack of resources, so the Universe supports that undesirable request for you. Stop right now for a moment and feel grateful so that even tears will come. This is your resource.


The law of selfless giving

Most religious teachings say that love is a voluntary sacrifice, self-giving in the name of the person you love. True or absolute love is selfless. She donates everything without demanding anything in return.

Throughout our lives, we give this world through people our love, loyalty, joy and sorrow, material values​​, and emotional experiences. The Universe takes all this into account, but for it, first of all, it is important with what feelings we perform the act of giving. Whether we do it out of a sense of duty or under pressure from others, wanting to benefit or from a pure heart. To achieve harmony, we must share with the surrounding acquaintances and strangers with a pure heart, without negative emotions. May our gift bring happiness, joy, or at least a smile to the one to whom we present it.

Only this kind of giving and giving is taken into account by the wise Universe. She will not give us more if she sees how meager we are in relation to the world around us.


The law of goal setting

“If you don’t care where you want to go, then it doesn’t matter the path you take.” Remember, it was the Cheshire Cat that taught Alice. Our path is formed based on its endpoint – the goal. Back in school, we determined the endpoint and drew a straight line to it – the shortest path.

Knowing exactly what you want is a prerequisite to get it. Necessary, but not the only one. The second thing to think about is the reasons for achieving the goal. Why am I going in this direction? How will it change me? Why do I need this particular man? Why do I need to get this particular job? What can I give them or do for them?

Having received a person’s love, what can I give him? Family, home, reliable and strong rear. Having taken a high place in the company, what can I do for it? I will increase sales, increase profits, and lead my company to new markets.

This principle works with cash flow as well. Money comes to people who do not have it as a deadweight but is in constant circulation, attracting new capital. They are not stored under a pillow but turn into valuable acquisitions and gifts, new deals are concluded, new contracts are signed. The law of selfless bestowal will also work here. Finances will go to people who, with a pure heart, can donate some of them to charity.

Live according to these laws of the universe. Stick to them in your daily, personal, and business life. And then your destiny will become a great example of success, happiness, and prosperity.

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