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We need to understand the influence money has on the quality of human life. We all want to eat, dress, relax, develop and satisfy a range of other needs, for which we need to have financial resources. That is why the hackneyed phrase “Money isn’t happiness!” Is an expression that is far enough from reality.

Close your eyes and remember yourself as a child. If you try, you will find situations in your own past that indicate that already in childhood you could make decisions related to money. For example, did you choose how to spend the pocket money received from your parents: “let it go” all at once or distribute it in parts and use it as needed, or maybe put it off and save it for something meaningful and valuable? That is, as a child, you met with the energy of money and built contact with material resources.

A person’s life is largely determined by those decisions that are chosen by him at the age of 3 years. It so happens that in most cases people build their relationship with money on the basis of the information they received from the environment. First of all – from the family, from the parents. It is on this basis that the basis of interaction with material wealth is formed. In addition, family values and foundations often have a serious impact on the approach to monetary issues. Culture, society, and confessions also contribute.

And now the question: how do you YOURSELF want to build relationships with money?

The main thing here is to understand: EVERYTHING CAN BE CHANGED.

What matters is not what your parents laid down for you or what society dictates, but what you do with this information YOURSELF.

They tell me, but I decide – me!

Certain subconscious beliefs that seriously interfere with having wealth in the material sphere may vary as follows:


“Money is evil!”

Usually, this perception is typical for those who have suffered in some kind of situation related to money: for example, due to a robbery or, for example, in business in the 90s due to crime.


“Money can only be earned by blood and sweat!”

This line of thought is formed in children growing up in families where money was really hard to come by, parents worked in excess of the norm, and even in several jobs.


“Only a small amount of money can be earned in an honest way!”

People with such a perception have a clear conviction that all those who work honestly receive little or much less than others, while a negative attitude has been formed towards wealthy people. And then the following algorithm arises: if I start earning a lot, I will automatically become a dishonest person – for myself and others.


“An interesting and beloved job doesn’t pay good!”

For people with such an idea, the determining factor is the conviction that it is impossible to find an interesting, pleasant, well-paid job. She can either bring prosperity or give satisfaction. All together is unattainable. These people often turn what they do well and love to do into a non-monetized hobby.


“We must separate the material and the spiritual!”

A frequently encountered position based on the either-or principle. That is, either I develop spiritually, or I earn money as if one contradicts the other.


“I have no money, so I can’t do anything!”

This belief is typical for addicted people who literally cling to and cultivate their own inability to fully earn money. This happens because otherwise, they will have to recognize themselves as adults and, as a result, take responsibility for the decisions they make, for the choices they make, for everything that happens here and now. Usually, people with such a subconscious position have a person nearby who solves their problems, since they themselves do not want to.


“We are poor but proud!”

This and many other similar phrases are varieties of family belief scenarios. Most of which the child takes as an axiom if they don’t criticize them.

In terms of relations with money, it is important to be aware of the principle “you draw what you think”. If a person believes that money is something unimportant, worthless, dangerous, or shameful, then it will never go into his hands.

And vice versa.

If you believe and know that money is unique energy for expanding your own capabilities, a way to satisfy your needs, and a way to provide your own comfort, then they will be your constant companion.


The relationship with money can have its roots from there. Like some unknown force, they control the decisions you make.

BUT: there is a reason for any complexity in your life.

IT MEANS: you can find it, change it, and a different, fresh, new solution that will work to improve the quality of life!

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