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meaning of your life

Any person at one time or another thinks about the question “What is the meaning of my life?”. And not everyone can actually answer to themselves. And if you feel that you do not know why you live and wake up every day, if inside there is a feeling that you are not bringing anything from yourself into the world, then this article is just for you!

What you should know about yourself right now:

You are a unique and amazing life story!

Human life is so arranged that there is room for ups and downs in it, but no matter how your personal Life story develops, in any case, it is incredibly interesting! And the most curious thing is that there are people who will meet on your way and become a part of it because you and they are looking for answers to the same (or similar) questions. And one more thing: Your life is a wonderful experience for other people. They have their own picture of the world, you have your own, and when these delightful pictures suddenly meet, they will certainly enrich each other and expand personal horizons.

You are helpful to other people!

All your life stages and processes of growing up are incredibly useful for other people, because through them (if you can and want to share this with them) they will be able to realize their own mistakes, see other ways of solving problems, different from those that they used before.

You contain the image of someone’s future!

Each person you meet will always take something from your life experience for themselves, thus forming their own present and laying the foundation for the future. This alone speaks of the importance and importance of your existence! You can always share with others the “secrets of success”, as well as those “stones” that are found on the road.

You are an example for others!

People sometimes do not understand how to act in a certain situation, and then they really lack a clear example that you can become. Every step you take is ready to become an important and valuable lesson for the people around you. In other words, you can be the very necessary help that each of us needs one way or another from time to time.

You are a supportive and like-minded person!

You have an exclusive worldview! Nobody else sees how you see the world. But at the same time, there are people who will be “consonant” with your personal perception of the world. This means that for someone you will be a like-minded person, and someone else will be like-minded for you: people can inspire and support each other, giving inspiration and sharing feelings.

You are the source of a special and alternative point of view!

Your opinion is an opportunity for someone to see the situation, people, the world around you wider. The point of view that will be presented by you is a chance to “open your eyes” to others and even get answers to long tormented and seemingly insoluble questions.

You are the source of experience!

In a wide variety of places and situations, people have different experiences, and in most cases, it is impossible to acquire them alone. People make each other richer by sharing their joys, successes, mistakes, or failures. The main thing here is to understand that even if it suddenly seems to you that the experience of your life is insignificant, then in fact for another person it will be a truly priceless revelation!


The main rule of life is that “by giving, you save”. Try to share yourself with the world, boldly present your views and beliefs, love everything in yourself – and then you will certainly want to share your own feelings, thoughts, feelings that arise with others.

You and your life are a precious gift that can play a saving role in someone’s destiny!


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