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Do you have any idea what you will look like in a couple of decades? In the hustle and bustle of your day, take time to think about it. It is possible that you will not immediately find the answer to this question. The answer to it might be found in your childhood. However, the image to which you subconsciously go is already in you.

You have to turn to your unconscious, which is the repository of your ideas, and see the image that will form in the long term. And intuition will show you the path to achieving your desires because it is she who voices your unconscious and brings you closer to the image of your dreams.

Ideal scenario

It is possible that you have not yet thought of the ideal scenario, but then you may not notice the opportunities that life’s circumstances offer you. And intuition will not work – after all, the goal is not specified, and the advancement may turn out to be just marking time. Consequently, the script must be written as early as possible, and then your path to the desired quality of life will be much shorter and take much less time. Remember the generosity of the Universe, but it does not know anything about your plans yet. Therefore, do not waste time, and put on paper your ideal image, describe what feelings you expect from the embodiment of what you want.

Everyone is able to remember their childhood dreams. But not everyone thought through every detail. Right down to what the outfit would be; what would be worn on their hands; and what kind of people would be around; what to think about; what would be the status, etc. It is not surprising that it was precisely those who thought over every gesture, head turn, gait – the slightest nuance, met with this in reality, embodying almost everything. But all that had to be done was simply to follow your intuition, remembering your main goal.

Life is not easy

It is clear that in life nothing is given smoothly. Of course, some events arise that sometimes lead you away from the true direction, but no matter how difficult it is, faith in your own strength should always be with you. It is important to know and see the ultimate goal of your path, what the life you are striving for will be. And even after it seems that everything worked out, continue to strive for new things. Listen to your intuition, indicating the very right path, before which everything else fades. In addition, she will always show those people who will guide you, distinguishing you from thousands of others.


It is possible that the changes will stop at some point. This is because you stopped giving meaning to your feelings, ignoring feelings. Not surprisingly, chaos will follow. Everything that has been lined up for a long time can be swallowed up by a huge funnel created from betrayal, envy, and many life troubles. It will not immediately become noticeable how gradually you will surround yourself with people who didn’t want you to succeed at all. They simply envied and enthusiastically waited for the slightest miss, to then push you to the abyss. That is why it is important to always remember where you are going and, most importantly, why. After all, everything that happens to us, we allow ourselves. In fact, no one can change your route if you follow it clearly, discarding everything that is not needed along the way.

Make it a rule to praise yourself for the smallest achievement, be sure to focus on positive events. Become a kind, forgiving parent to yourself. Learn to live positively. It will be difficult at first. But over time, everything will become a habit, and you will be able to determine what will help you achieve what you want, or change what prevents it. After all, no one has the right to refuse you to achieve your dreams. Without developing a conscious life scenario, you will constantly walk in a circle of your failures, without stopping the mournful song that nothing is working out.

Reasons not allowing you to return to the ideal image:

1. Often in childhood, they are not given the opportunity to express their own opinion, while imposing their own. Hence the habit of living by prompting.
2. Mockery of a child’s impulse to become someone. They could scoff at external data.
3. Due to insults and humiliations in childhood, low self-esteem was formed, which is extremely difficult to overcome.
4. Upbringing in some families was based on the fact that desires for oneself are wrong. Children were taught that a person really lives for others. As a result, growing up, they don’t know what they would like.

You can try to avoid such a turn of events, for this, you should form your ideal image. Start by doing some exercises and writing them down.

Form your ideal image

1. Concentrate and reflect on your childhood. How does it look like?. Think about which character resonates with you? What qualities did it possess? – kind and handsome, loyal and brave, or maybe cunning and clever? What exactly did you like?
2. How did your free time look like? What was a real pleasure for you? Attending a club, a sports school, or, on the contrary – you were always at home, and there was a dream to be among your comrades. Describe everything in detail to the smallest detail.
3. Surely something pleasant happened in your life and there were situations that gave a feeling of elation. Remember this and write it down in more detail.
4. Now turn to an exercise that will allow you to understand a lot about yourself. Close your eyes, turn on your imagination, and imagine that in the center of the spacious hall there is a coffin in which you see yourself. Whether there are people around or the hall is completely empty, think about what would be ideal for you. Among them, there may be those who have been gone for a long time. Parents, friends, colleagues, etc. Now give everyone the opportunity to talk. Listen to what each person is saying about you. You will hear about what kind of person you were, and by looking deeper into your imagination, you will learn exactly what is very important for you to hear about yourself. In fact, this unconscious gives you an understanding of yourself. This approach may seem unexpected, but Steve Covey’s exercise will allow you to draw out from the subconscious what will open your understanding of yourself.

Conclusion of the exercise

When you start doing these exercises, then you meet with the child who remains inside you. The one you left in your childhood. This will help you open the way to your unconscious and get the long-awaited answer to a long-asked question. If this is your first experience, then be prepared for the fact that this is a rather lengthy process, and you have to work thoroughly before the fragmentary information begins to arrive. It is possible that this will be at the time of cooking dinner or reading a book, or maybe before bedtime.

It is important to understand that the answers are in you, you know them, but all that remains is to allow yourself to hear them (in fact, yourself). This will allow you to feel the power of intuition that you have to awaken in yourself. When you go to bed, make it a rule to thank yourself. It will take at least 3, or maybe 4 weeks, and you will begin to receive answers. And the moment may be the most inappropriate. Try to periodically re-read this text, analyze and you will be able to notice in yourself some nuances that you never attached any importance to. Remember that nothing can stop you except yourself.


The path chosen once helps to live the life you want and it was chosen in early childhood. Gradually it was supplemented, overgrown with new introductory notes, but the core remained the same. Do not stop searching for yourself, strive to answer your questions. You will be surprised what magical events will happen to you thanks to your unconscious. And this will bring you closer to your divine scenario.

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