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12 truths of life to gain freedom

An important realization in life, a kind of “trigger” that changes you for the better, is the acceptance of the fact that it is impossible to control everything in this life. If you look at your life experience right now, then remember a considerable number of events when you wanted it to work out one at a time, but in the end, everything turned out completely differently, but, undoubtedly, in the best way for you.

Controlling everything is a big illusion that prevents a person from developing and renewing. Sometimes it is enough to trust the Universe, allowing life to flow like a river, which goes on in its smooth and beautiful course!


12 basic truths of Life that will allow you to become much more FREE:


Everything that happens in your life always happens for the best.

Even if stressful or tragic situations occur, then, first of all, they carry valuable life lessons. It is from them that the necessary, important experience is extracted, which allows you to go further with new knowledge about yourself and the world.


Losing is a real step towards the life you truly want to live.

The second step is not to stay in a life that does not suit you and that does not suit you. Yes, this causes a genuine feeling of fear – to change your own kind of well-established life, but there is something even more terrible. And you know what it is? Regret that you have not lived your life.


Pain is a resource for discovering new possibilities.

Yes, you heard right! It is she who allows you to benefit from those events that happen in your life. It contains that set of stress that, on the one hand, a person can definitely withstand, and on the other, also get a lot of benefits for himself. After you take all the most important and necessary from her, you can let her go – and she will go.


There is always a choice: take a step forward or, conversely, retreat.

Moving forward, you strive for your dream, towards achieving your goal. Taking a step back – you give yourself a sense of security for a while and the opportunity to think about the move you want to make. This applies not only to some situations but also to relationships with people: a step forward is a movement towards intimacy, a step back is an increase in distance.


Always and in everything, start by taking care of yourself.

Before you try to make someone happy, make yourself happy. And only then, through your own light and full of harmony self-awareness, you will be able to give joy, warmth, and light to other people.


Do not pay attention to what others think of you – and then you will find true freedom!

If you do not need someone else’s approval, this means that you are completely your own.


Loneliness is not scary, loneliness is great!

Only alone with yourself can you purely realize your needs, desires, gain strength, and confidence to resolve life situations. In other words, by being alone, you can get answers to your own questions, and this will definitely make you stronger and happier.


All that you can really control in reality is your own reactions to what is happening in your life.

Freud owns the words that the scale of a person’s personality is determined by the magnitude of the problem that is capable of driving him out of himself. If you quickly and with minimal resource costs can cope with what is happening to you, it means that you are in a state of full acceptance of everything that happens here and now. And this is the quality of a mature personality!


There will always be people who can lie to you.

Even if you are straightforward and honest, this does not mean that the people you meet on the path of life will want to answer you in kind. Pay more attention not to the words of people, but to their actions, since they will allow you to correctly assess how honest and open a person is with you.


By focusing on what will not be, you will never get what you want!

Taking everything that you have now for granted, you will not be able to keep it for a long time and even more so to somehow increase it. Gratitude is the key to this door! Being grateful to the Universe for what it gives, you can feel happiness in its original form.


Live “here and now” and do not bring into the present all that was.

If today you are not at all where you really want to be, then this does not mean at all that you will never be there. You always have a choice and open opportunities to try something again, to set new goals for yourself, and draw bright dreams.


Everything will be fine for sure!

Even if suddenly it seems to you that you are stuck and what is happening in your life is wrong, this does not mean at all that you will remain in this state forever. This can be traced to the example of nature: let it rain for several days or a week, but still, in the end, the sun comes out from behind the clouds, and it becomes clear. Likewise, you should keep yourself in a positive mood to wait for the sunlight to break through the clouds.


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