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Water is one of the most important natural resources for humans. It keeps your body in a healthy condition. However, nowadays people today are deaf to the signals from their own bodies. Sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger, and the person will start eating instead of drinking water. As a result, they consume excess for the body and it converts the resulting excess into body fat. If you are serious about fighting overweight and want to part with it completely, then you need to learn how to drink natural water in the required amount.


Consumption rate

It is easy to calculate how much water you need. You must provide your body with 40 grams for every kg of weight. Therefore, you need to drink water on a daily basis. With a body weight of 70 kg, you need up to 2.8 liters of water. In reality, the body has its own way to communicate. Moreover, people receive info about what the body needs. It will point out the mistakes we are making. How to find out how much the body needs clean water?

Here is a list of symptoms:

• skin dryness and flaking;
• headache;
• loss of working capacity;
• Changes in bowel movement;
• gained weight;
• swelling;
• failure in metabolic processes.

The listed symptoms of dehydration are often ignored. Therefore, we don’t associate it with a lack of fluid intake.


The value of water for the body

Our body is 70% water, making it our body’s main component. In the embryo, its amount reaches 90%. Nevertheless, over the years, the volume of fluid decreases. What is the role of water for us? Well, the liquid serves as a powerful solvent for harmful substances in the body. It helps to accelerate metabolic processes. With enough water intake, the function of our organs and systems is normal. In addition, our metabolism works better.

The kidney’s function lowers due to a lack of water content. It does not allow the organ to work properly. In this situation, the urinary concentration increases so much that can create crystals. These can grow and turn into kidney stones.


Liver’s function

Due to the cessation of the normal functioning of the kidneys, the liver takes on an increased load in order to process harmful substances. It also cannot fully cope with the task at hand. Fat stops transforming into energy. Stagnation occurs, which is a favorable factor for the appearance of stones. The liver partially ceases to participate in the metabolism of fats. They accumulate in the body and the problem of obesity becomes apparent. When there is a shortage of water, the body goes into a liquid economy mode.

The liver turns to already processed foods in the intestines to extract water from them, provoking constipation. Accumulating fluid, concentrating it in the space between the cells, leading to edemas and swelling of the lower extremities. Now we are not talking about edema related to renal pathology, taking medications, etc. Diuretics will not radically change the situation, but will only lead to a temporary improvement. After all, drugs will affect the effect of the problem and not the cause. No matter how strange it sounds, but to get rid of puffiness, you need to start drinking clean water in sufficient volume. Then the body will abandon the strategy to conserve reserves, and edema will be a thing of the past.

WHO has statistics showing that 80% of diseases are associated with a lack of water consumption. Many experts agree and associate dehydration with pathological conditions such as asthma, allergic manifestations, hypertension, excess body mass, emotional disorders, including depression. A disdainful attitude towards recommendations for the use of water and their violation becomes a factor provoking the appearance of organic pathologies. People begin to experience fatigue, their performance becomes minimal, and their digestive processes deteriorate.


The onset of dehydration causes the biochemical reactions in the body to slow down. The viscosity of the blood increases and thrombus formation is observed. Water is also present in the composition of the brain structures. It is 75% water. Dehydration of the brain negatively affects the cells, leading to stress. As a result, attention is weak and memory suffers.

To maintain your own health at the proper level and lose weight, you just need to re-develop the skill that has sunk into oblivion – drinking natural water in the volume required by the body. Make it a rule to consume 2.5 liters of this liquid every day. Its volume will increase if you:

• devote a lot of time to sports training;
• love the sauna;
• abuse coffee and alcoholic beverages;
• are overweight;
• you live in a hot climate;
• are forced to use the plane frequently.

Talk with your doctor about how much water you need in this case. How much determination you have to lose weight? Then saturate the body with fluid, and it will part with excess fat. Water will help differentiate the feeling of thirst from similar sensations when hunger occurs. Drinking will not satisfy it. When you are truly thirsty, you will stop yourself from the temptation to snack on fruit or something more significant when it is not necessary. Water will ensure the removal of fat breakdown products, will take part in metabolic processes, normalizing them, which will lead to weight loss. The body needs fluids. It helps to prevent skin flabbiness, smoothes wrinkles, makes the structure of the skin elastic.

Water quality

It is important to pay attention to water quality. Natural water with a balanced mineral composition and Ph 7.4 is the best option for daily drinking. Natural mineral water is capable of starting the work of all organs, enhances immunity, and works as a natural detox.

It also has a beneficial effect on muscle composition, cartilage tissue. There is an increase in their strength and elasticity. The joints begin to carry loads well and become flexible. The effect of joint mobility becomes especially noticeable when water with natural Potassium is present in the diet. Water in the required amount completely involves the liver in fat metabolism. The fat breakdown is accelerated and the weight melts. The clear liquid has a diuretic effect. It removes puffiness in the intercellular space, which is an additional stimulus for reducing the body volume and falling mass. Hot water consumed in the evening helps to relax the nervous system. It acts like heated milk and is a natural sedative.


Water has many positive aspects. She deserves more of our attention. It won’t be easy at first. Forgetfulness is peculiar to people. Today they didn’t fill the jug, tomorrow they forgot to buy water at all. There will be 1001 reasons why you do not follow your drinking regimen. Someone will say that they cannot stand the taste of water or that they are uncomfortable in front of others, seeing how their behavior has changed, etc. Realize the need to drink liquids. Taking it as a natural thing. Start drinking 2-3 sips.

Do not go overboard by persuading a whole liter at once. Sometimes we do not feel thirst, but it is there. The feeling became dulled because the body has lost the habit of water. However, when a person gets used to drinking water regularly, they restore that lost feeling. Consequently, you will feel thirst again. You won’t need to force yourself. As long as you develop a drinking culture that becomes part of your life.

Every person wants to be healthy. Therefore you need to follow healthy habits to stay healthy. While drinking quality water is one of them, the final decision on this matter belongs to you. In conclusion, remember the words from Antoine de Saint-Exupery ” water has no taste, color, and smell, it is impossible to describe it”. All that remains is to enjoy. The author perceived water not as a vital necessity, but as life itself, bringing joy, which cannot be explained by feelings, and wealth.

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