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Psychosomatic means mind(psyche) and body (soma). A disorder in this involves both mind and body. To this day, a lot of people are experiencing these manifestations. For a psychologist, is important to correctly decipher and help the client to understand what they have never realized before. Therefore, in this article, I would like to talk about how to analyze psychosomatic manifestations.


Where does it come from?

The place of its origin is in the unconscious. But the question is – how to determine when the decision of the psyche becomes somatic and vice versa?

To understand the essence of this process, the French school of psychosomatics decided to consider how the total energy of somatic and psychosomatic expression corresponds to the law of conservation. Subsequently, this energy is transformed directly from the psychic to the somatic and exactly the opposite. It’s through this process that one can see the movement of pain between the body and the soul, which directly depends on the degree of stability of the psyche of the one who has this pain. To make it clearer: the psyche works in such a way that it moves the pain to a zone that is safe and where it will not threaten the personality with instant destruction.

And the main task of the psychoanalyst is the correct definition of the path of transformation of the mental into the somatic and “restart” of this process in the opposite direction.

What is the basis of the work of a psychologist in the analysis of psychosomatics?

Psychoanalytic listening is an important and necessary skill prequired from the psychologist first of all. And if usually the therapist, listening to the client, tries to understand what IS there, then in the case of working with psychosomatics it is valuable to understand what is NOT in the psyche, although a priori MUST be. It is this missing link that will be the same unconscious somatic decision.


Using this approach, I help clients with psychosomatics to find contact with the body and inner harmony.

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