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Wealth not only means having a lot of money. It can also mean that you are enjoying a good status in several areas in your life, such as health, mental peace, etc. However, money is life energy. It opens up doors for you to enjoy the life you aspire to have. Money is a powerful energy that interacts closely with the energy of health. Therefore it is vital to be in positive contact with material means. And this is the position of an adult and a mature person.
By “positive contact” we should understand the following. “I love money. I know how to earn it, and I am free to take it and give it away since both the first and the second make me a part of a large monetary energy turnover.” 

Own funds

Here I want to note right away that we are talking about our own funds. Borrowed money is a completely different story. As a matter of fact, people who did not receive enough parental love, now “compensate” for it by borrowing money. In addition, such “children” at the age of 30 and 40 live by the principle of getting pleasure. It is important for them that all desires that arise here and now are immediately fulfilled. Credit satisfies this child’s need for a while.

But in reality, an adult is guided by a different rule. After they receive pleasure, the need to give money will invariably come. This will be a stressful sense of constant obligation. This approach is contrary to the main criterion of monetary energy – freedom!

What the relationship with money is about

A person’s relationship with their parents dictates their relationship with money. This is why it is very important to determine the inner deep motivation. That is, what they are earning for? Where their wealth lies?. In general, the format of human interaction with money clearly shows their need for love.

For example, if a person cannot part with money, then this may be an indicator that they need love. Since they received less of it in childhood. The same thing happens if people very easily part with money. Literally, hand it out to the left and right. They just try to “buy” love, doing it absolutely unconsciously. Often money becomes a symbol in the subconscious of a person. Love, power, reliability, and also this is evidence of how the need for security can be frustrated.

What explains the dependence on money?

A direct analogy is any other addiction: alcohol, drug, and others. Relationships with people play an important role in monetary dependence. A person is in symbiotic relationships with those around him. Which is transferred to contact with money. Then it turns out that a person is not able to earn money on their own. Rather, they feel the need for money as a substitute for something (love, attention, acceptance, etc.). They will strive for financial well-being.

How can I stop living with a poverty mindset and start believing that I have the right to be rich?

In this case, it is imperative to get out of the relationship that exists as a merger. That is, to separate from those attitudes that exist in the family. “We didn’t live richly, to start with”. “In our family, money was always earned hard,” etc.

Give yourself the right to earn as much as you want! Convince yourself that you deserve it!

This is a very important point since the basis of wealth is a sense of self-worth. I am, and I am amazing!


Poverty is the choice of oppressed individuals

Living paycheck to paycheck, not having the material opportunities to create, to make your own dreams come true, or to provide yourself with a decent level of comfort. – Isn’t this a heavy burden? What is the basis of the attitude toward money? What is wealth to each individual? The drive for life or the drive for death? 

If the former, then the person inside is positively disposed towards himself and the world (then he will be able to create even in poverty, and if he gives himself the right to wealth, he will quickly begin to find opportunities to increase prosperity). If a person is guided by the desire for death, then he will all the time be carried towards destruction, chaos, his own oppression. And this has its own reasons. To date, the topic of the drive to life and death has been studied thoroughly, and you can get acquainted with it both in the works of Freud and in the work of many other psychoanalysts.

The main question is: what prevents a person from getting rich?

First of all, it is a strong dependence on parental figures. The second is the complexes formed in early childhood. The third is self-dislike, one of the variants of which is manifested in the attitude “I am bad. I have no right”. In other words, it is very important to personally prepare yourself for wealth, that is, to carry out deep and, possibly, long-term work aimed at finding yourself, at growing up, at developing and strengthening the ability to take responsibility and readiness to possible risks, as well as the ability to quickly restore.

Giving yourself the right to be rich is always a way out of your comfort zone, which requires a certain amount of courage and courage!

Sometimes the roots of everyone’s problems might not be visible for each individual. You might be in need to be shown the path in which you need to walk to achieve your goals. Get an appointment today to fulfill your goals.

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