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You can study as much information as you want on how to make lots of money. Taking these words but not believing in them, will have absolutely no effect on your life. It is important to understand and realize that money is power and energy, proceeding and starting from this fact in your further decisions. If you, after reading my subsequent words, try to apply them in practice, you will see that money will acquire a completely different meaning for you, which means that you can really EASY to earn and live BETTER financially!

Have you ever asked yourself this – “What is money to me?” I suggest you do it right now. Do not try to answer in general phrases, just listen to yourself and write on a white sheet of paper all the words and definitions that the subconscious mind will give out after the question is asked. You may even be surprised by the answers you receive.

Money is a resource!

It is important to remember that money is not a guarantee of love and happiness. As you know, all ingenious is simple! And what I want to talk about is also available for understanding and comprehension by every person, but at the same time as efficiently as possible and contributes to cardinal changes in the relationship with money.

For some people, what I am going to talk about may seem like difficult information to apply. And this is absolutely normal. Just re-read this article as many times as you need; just until you feel like everything has settled down in your consciousness. After this happens, you will see that you will begin to live a completely different, qualitatively different material and monetary reality. Most of us are scared to allow ourselves something more than we are used to receiving, and usually these are rather modest and small requests. After reading this article, you will be able to give yourself the right to a free and happy life with decent material wealth!

We begin!

So, the biggest mistake is that often a person simply does not know why he really needs money. The answer is simple – money comes from needs! And if they are modest, then, accordingly, the income will be appropriate. And even if you just want money, without having a clear idea of ​​why you need it, then wealth will not come.

There is no such goal as MONEY FOR MONEY! It is important to know exactly what SPECIFICALLY you need this or that amount for.

Moreover, understand this: you don’t need to dream within your means! Often, people in their dreams and desires start from their supposedly real capabilities (sometimes not even fully understanding how great they really are) and begin to constrict themselves; narrowing their own horizons, and create frameworks, restrictions for financial requests.

Do you recognize yourself? Then we continue.

Dream and plan what you want here and now. Don’t think about whether I have enough funds for this, or whether I will be able to implement my plan.

If you ALLOW yourself to dream, then your finances will receive powerful support and will take care of themselves. Perhaps when you read this, you’ll find it difficult to believe, but you can TRY. And then you will be amazed at how easy money comes in if you have clear and specific plans for it.

How does it work in practice? Checking!

Before we move on, I suggest you take a deep breath, slow down, and listen to yourself. There are two serious steps ahead of you:

  1. Feel your own resistance, as well as those feelings that you may have: discontent, irritation, anger. Give them free rein, because this is absolutely normal. The fact is that allowing yourself to live better can be very scary and in the process, many doubts overcome. But all this is surmountable if you have a desire to live better!
  2. Be very honest and frankly ask yourself: “Why am I so afraid to really plan something big? What’s really stopping me from setting big goals and dreaming big? ” And then you will see how the information that I share with you becomes a source of knowledge.

If you are ready to be honest and open to yourself, then take a paper and a pen. Write on the sheet your actual plans for TODAY, for the implementation of which you need money. Indicate WHY you need this money. Opposite the designated goal, put the approximate cost of implementing the plan, as well as the time by which you want to implement the plan. Take a more or less real-time period – for example, six months, a year, or two.

And… just now it HAPPENED (!) – you have indicated what you want, how much money you need, and in what time frame you want to achieve and receive it!

What have you done now?

You looked at your goals absolutely seriously and let new energy into your own life!

By the way, an interesting point: let me guess – many of you had a breakdown in the process of writing a goal, its cost, and timing. You, of course, wanted to put a more daring sum of money or a closer date, but doubts and uncertainty prevented you from doing this. It seemed that you do not believe that by this time such a large amount will really enter your life. And right now, if you nod in agreement, please catch this emotion, this thought, and ask yourself: “Why don’t I believe in this?” If you still consider everything written on paper as a fantasy and do not believe it as a reality, then you can say goodbye to your dream.

ALLOW yourself to receive from life exactly as much as you want!

SET a goal, and already the field around you will begin to work so that you can find opportunities to get the desired result.

The unconscious is the best helper and wizard!

If you have firmly decided to fulfill your dream, and money has come to you, then it is important to spend it on exactly what it were needed for. Imagine this situation: you dreamed of going to travel, and money for this purpose appeared, but at the very last moment you changed your mind, deciding to spend money on some other emerging needs.

Sound familiar?

So: in fact, you just got scared and were greedy in spending on yourself. And then, to your unpleasant surprise, some kind of emergency happens: your car was crushed, you were flooded or something else. Most likely, you thought the following: “It’s so good that I didn’t go on a trip and there was money left to repair my car or apartment”. But in fact, the whole SECRET is that such emergency situations happen precisely because their task is to eat the amount that you did not spend on fulfilling your dreams!

Are you surprised? All emergency situations act as an unconscious self-punishment for the fact that you allow yourself something. You subconsciously feel guilt, and it becomes the cause of events that seem to punish you.

And one more curious moment.

Sometimes people think that money came from nowhere. It was just that a “golden client” suddenly fell on his head. Another example, a person was in the right place at the right time and made an incredibly profitable deal. In this situation, you will probably be sure that this is an absolute coincidence and a happy coincidence. While in fact, this is how your unconscious works. Our unconscious is a wonderful Wizard, but even more often (and this is more accurate), as a Child.

Your child

Imagine that you have promised to buy your child a new toy. The child is excited, happy, and impatient. But instead, he doesn’t receive what was promised. It’s a shame, right? If you do this several times in a row, then the Child (unconscious) will show exactly the same cookie in response. In other words, if you dream about something, but regularly break off yourself, then your internal resources will cease to appear and replenish, and the most unpleasant thing is that after some time you will completely lose motivation.

They promised a “toy” – be so kind as to give yourself the right and permission to receive it since resources have been received for it. Yes, sometimes it is embarrassing or embarrassing to spend more on ourselves than we think is acceptable because then there is a feeling of guilt. But notice that it is after him that some case comes, because of which money is poured into nowhere, i.e. are wasted. And I am sure that many of you have already faced similar situations, so you understand very well what is at stake.

That is why I am addressing you with the following words: please allow yourself to enjoy life, allow yourself to dream, and spend the money that comes to fulfill your dreams.

Making yourself HAPPY is simple: you just need to give yourself the right to do it!


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