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  /  Anna Petrovska

Anna Petrovska

Holistic Approach

“To understand the immeasurable,
The mind must be extraordinarily
Quiet, Still.”

– Jiddu Krishnamurti

Hey There, I'm Anna

I’m here to guide you to connect with your soul, feel more, breathe deeply, move freely, love yourself and create a life of abundance. For the last 10 years, I have been developing my knowledge of transcendental meditation, movement therapy, breathing and emotional freedom techniques to help people awake and connect with their own transformational power. This is a path I have been living for over a decade while training in Ukraine, India, and Thailand.

I am a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher, E-motional freedom and Mindfulness coach, Somatic body-oriented therapist, Biodynamic Breathwork facilitator, TAO Energy practitioner and Reiki master. I work through the concept that the body and mind are one, and should not be treated independently of one another.

I work mainly through three gateways to enter expanded consciousness: energy, movement and breath. My offerings allow you to witness yourself more fully and lovingly surrender to your authenticity trough radical self-acceptance.

The compassion and care are natural to my essence and help me to create a safe and sacred space for your inner strengthening, self-awareness and appreciation of the beauty of your true Self. You will feel motivated, creative and supported in your journey to self-freedom and you will celebrate the gift of Life with Joy.

For the last 10 years I have developed knowledge in the holistic life style, body-oriented movement therapy, yoga and meditation.

I have professional experience of teaching and leading kundalini yoga, biodynamic breathwork for trauma release, dynamic movement meditations, somatic body oriented emotional release therapy and emotional freedom techniques.

I have strong sense of justice, compassion, care, love and support and from here I create safe and sacred space for others. I am highly intuitive and connect with each client in a trusting way, that helps them fully connect with radical self-acceptance.

I specialize in group and private yoga classes, traditional mindfulness meditations and embodiment movement meditations, somatic bodywork and breathwork. I leading classes in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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