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Self-confidence is a term that is used in a wide variety of social contexts. Self-confidence is a character trait and, at the same time, a competence that is required by everyone, which is required to be successful in one’s job, to assert oneself in one’s own life, and to gain prestige and friends. But what exactly does that mean? How can you build your own self-confidence, and what are the advantages?

These questions will be examined in the following in order to clarify what exactly this term contains.

Be aware of yourself

This is one of the most common definitions. This means that you are able to look at yourself from the outside and inside at the same time and make statements about:

your own feelings, your own behavior, and your own attitude to be able to meet yourself.

There are three aspects to which self-confidence is relevant. The feeling that says what your mood is today, how you find yourself (appearance, character, profession, etc.) and what value your own person has (you find yourself great, you like yourself, or you find yourself unappealing, etc.).

This feeling, which one associates with one’s own person, then affects the behavior. This means the behavior in all situations:

how to approach people (extrovert, introvert), how do you behave at work (collegial, withdrawn, friendly, unfriendly, etc.) and how to behave in stressful situations (panic, fear, optimism, etc.).

Behavior and emotions determine everyone’s attitudes. These determine whether the view of the world and life is more positive or negative. Here is an example of the aspects just mentioned:


I mostly feel happy and look forward to almost every day that comes. On the inside, I am proud of myself and have a high degree of self-confidence. I consider myself a valuable person with high self-esteem.


I am open to the world and look forward to meeting new people and new experiences with enthusiasm. My fellow human beings describe my behavior towards them as authentically and congruent. I openly represent my own opinion and am also able to accept criticism and am willing to learn from my mistakes.


I like myself, my life, my job, and my family, and I am happy. I am proud of what I have achieved in life. Everyone is unique to me; this example shows what it means to build strong self-confidence. You trust in your own abilities, meet yourself, and others with positive feelings and are able to master your own life.

Self-confidence in the job

Empirical studies show that there is a connection between self-confidence and professional success. People who build a strong self-confidence, ie, people who have a positive relationship with themselves mostly have professional success. For this reason, this characteristic is becoming more and more important because employers are aware of this connection, and empirical studies have also shown that building self-confidence is not only related to professional success but also has an impact on health and dealing with stress.

The higher you can build self-confidence, the healthier you feel, and the better you can deal with stress. These two factors are also relevant to professional life. The healthier a person feels, and the better he can cope with stressful situations, the lower the number of sick days and the lower the likelihood of developing mental and physical illnesses. As a result, people who build their self-confidence have good performance and quality of work.

Building a strong self-confidence is extremely important for professional life. But hardly anyone has a completely positive relationship with themselves. There are always aspects that you want to change, that annoy you or that scare you. That is natural and should not be turned off. There is no one who has a perfect relationship with himself and who sees everything in life as positive. Building a strong self-confidence means the basic attitude towards yourself. If this is positive and you are able to act autonomously and confidently and trust yourself, then you also have the opportunity to bring this self-confidence to work.

Low self-esteem

A lack of self-confidence goes hand in hand with feelings of insecurity, fear, and stress. Fear means that you avoid the very situations you are afraid of. Exactly the same applies to uncertainty. Stress results from the two feelings and avoidance behavior. Stress demands the psyche and, if it occurs permanently, has serious consequences such as overload, depression, and phobias. Often these people cannot meet the employer’s requirements. Giving a lecture to colleagues or taking on a new work area is a burden and a challenge for these people. Due to the lack of trust in themselves, solution strategies are developed to transfer these tasks to other people or illnesses are invented, to completely avoid the tasks. This behavior influences professional success and one’s own reputation in the company. For this reason, you have to build self-confidence in order to optimize professional and private success.

Become more confidente in work and private life

When you become more confident, some doors that were previously locked will open again. New and previously unknown paths can be followed. A happy relationship and success at work are easier to achieve with healthy self-confidence and a positive attitude to life.

In many everyday situations, in everyday work, in family life and in a partnership, you need a healthy self-confidence. Especially in the professional field, a healthy self-confidence is a prerequisite for being able to assert and assert oneself.

By a healthy self-esteem boost to your self-confidence. Experience how your environment reacts to your changed charisma as you become more confident.

Simple exercises to become more self-confident

Childhood can be the cause and roots of a weakened or disturbed self-confidence. You alone might not be able to find and manage this on your own.  In these cases, advice from a therapist is required.

But there are simple exercises with which you can build up your self-confidence so that you become more self-confident. Practice daily so that you build up your self-confidence every day and convey this to your surroundings.

Don’t wait any longer, because above all at work, you need a strong sense of self-worth and safe handling of superiors, colleagues, and customers. Persuasiveness and a positive charisma will help you achieve what you want in life.

Do not be discouraged, but see the positive and beautiful sides of life by becoming more confident. As you become more confident, success automatically follows. What you radiate comes back.

Become self-confident through a better self-image

Strengthen your lack of self-confidence by working on your self-image. Remember your good points and advantages. Imagine how you can use these positive properties and thereby become more confident.

Do not be discouraged, but be convinced that you also have strengths and advantages. Emphasize those traits and traits that you like about yourself, and that is valued by your fellow human beings and learn to build self-confidence.

Become self-confident and activate your own strengths

Almost everyone has experienced situations in the past in which they felt strong and confident. In order to strengthen your own self-confidence, it is beneficial to perceive these situations intensively.

It helps to imagine situations in which you felt strong and confident. Also, ask your friends and families if they have experienced you as particularly strong and confident. Relive this situation. Go to a place where you can calmly remember the situation. Be sure to:

what you saw in this situation, where it was, and what people were there. Examine this picture exactly in front of your eyes.

Pay attention to what you’ve heard in this situation. Who spoke, what background noise did you hear and, above all, what you said to yourself and other people then pay attention to how you felt and did in this strong and confident situation.

Imagine these strong and confident situations again and again. And as you do that, remember the positive feelings that came with it.

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