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Hey There, I'm Tina

I am an experienced and intuitive reader, healer, blogger, and novelist with the gift of Clairvoyance. I used to be a writer for ‘campus magazine’ at University. I began writing while I was still a university student.
I knew at a very young age that I wanted to give service to HUMANITY through healing and reading. I also do quantum touch to help sick people in my society.

I have been getting an online and offline tarot card reading since a very young age. It started in my teenage years where things are getting so magical. As if everything was talking to me, my senses became so active. Didn’t start with the card reading directly, but people keep telling me their issues in my teenage time. I gave them answers and they listened and were always amazed by the solution. Some wonder how could I do it?.

People wanted to see at least symbols or pictures of what I was saying. That’s when I found tarot and runes and used them as tools for my reading. For Indonesian clients tarot was super NEW. Our culture doesn’t know what the tarot is. A world that is beyond science where the unknown can be known is as amazing as it sounds. I myself as a reader I feel the resonation with all of the cards and do channeling during the reading.

I Specialize in

I have grown enormously, with psychic services including rune casting, career or relationship advice, spirit guides, mediumship, talking to the dead, love predictions, and numerology.

I am not a fortune teller and I don’t claim to be one. Think of me as a medium, a channel to connect to the divine, a vessel of some sort.
I have been receiving clients from all over the world. I will provide the innermost truth of your higher self through tarot, numerology, and runes casting.

The major services which I offer are:

*Psychic Readings
*Psychic Medium
*Financial Outlook
*Love & Relationships
*Life questions
*Tarot reading
*Spiritual readings

Great for: any readings
Type of readings: Phone, online chat
Specialties: Love life, tarot readings, career advice, talking with the dead or loss, and grieving.

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