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Let’s find out a little more about ourselves today and how to love ourselves properly. The problem of the majority is that many do not understand what it is to get rid of and what to overcome in oneself. We know what is not in our life and we know what we want, but we do not understand what prevents us from achieving this.

Today I want you to take a look at what pulls you back and prevents you from living. If you want to know what your beliefs are, then just look at your life. If you look around you will see what you believe in, all your life experience reflects your inner beliefs.


The strongest 4 categories of blocks

Criticism, resistance, fear, guilt.

It is they who prevent us from living.

You probably already know that self-love is the most powerful force we possess. We were all born with a great love for ourselves. A small child doesn’t say: my ears are lop-eared and I am not beautiful, my nose is ugly, I am fat. Children are just happy that they have a body. They love every finger, they enjoy themselves and are happy. They love everything in themselves, they adore themselves and boldly express their feelings.

When a child is happy, everyone knows about it and when a child is angry, everyone knows it too. They are not afraid to show people how they feel. They live here and now and are full of courage, they are beautiful.

We were all exactly the same. We were all filled with courage, filled with love, and adored ourselves. What happened to us when we started growing? We listened to others who were scared, critical, incapable of accepting or feeling guilty. Many of us grew up with such people.

If you grew up in a family where criticism was the norm, then you will look at everything from a critical point of view. You will criticize yourself and others, and you will not be able to enjoy life as you could.

If you grew up in a family where it was impossible to express anger, then you are most likely afraid of the anger and swallow it all the time allowing it to settle in your body.

If you grew up in a guilty family, you will probably do the same. You will hint at something and you will never be able to ask directly, as this is a way of manipulating other people.

These are all parental behaviors. It is very easy to blame parents, childhood, environment for everything, but this only stops us in our development. We cannot free ourselves from the past if we are in the position of the victim. This is not beneficial to us, as we are holding onto our problems.


How do we exit?

You should always remember that now you are in charge of your life and it does not matter what your parents said, what other people did to you. It doesn’t matter what you learned as a child. What really matters is your thoughts and words at the moment, since you are the only person who thinks in your mind. You choose your thoughts. You are responsible for your world and your life.
Tell yourself now: “I love and accept myself.” How do you feel now? All negativity rises into consciousness. And this is great! This makes it possible to find out what is stopping you. If you do not hear negative messages, then you do not know what prevents you from being happy.

Therefore, repeat: “I love and accept myself!” Listen carefully to your negative thoughts, because they are the ones that get in your way. When you find a negative message, write it down because you have found a treasure. This is exactly what gets in your way and creates problems. It is these thoughts that keep you from loving yourself. Look how much you do not accept in yourself.

Our main task in this life is to learn to love ourselves, no matter what others say or do. We can be beyond our parents’ limitations. They had a limited outlook on life, and you were a good child and remembered what they taught you.


Your inner child

Many of us are sure that we are not good enough, that we are bad, but we were perfect but remembered exactly what our parents taught us. We don’t always do what they say, but we learn from them, what they do, and we do the same.

Now for the exercise. Go to the mirror, look into your eyes, and say to yourself: “I love you!” Your inner child will cry and say, “Where have you been before!?” You have rejected the inner child for a very long time.

If you start praising your inner child more often, saying words of love to them, they will blossom and you will discover amazing qualities in yourself. If you love yourself for who you are, then you will automatically see the best in yourself. This does not mean that you will become better. If many people say they want to be better, it only means that you are not good enough. Because of the feeling that I’m not good enough is what we need to overcome.


You are beautiful

We must admit how beautiful we are. Remember, when you were a young child, you wanted to be loved and accepted for who you are. Maybe you were scared, fat, not as smart as your brother or neighbor, but you wanted to be loved and accepted anyway without being compared to others. And this is what we want now. And I guarantee that if you start accepting yourself as you are, many negative events will disappear from your life. You will no longer need them. But if you are self-critical, then you will look for new objects for criticism.

Do the exercise in front of the mirror every day: look into your eyes and say: “I love and accept you.” What do you feel? Can you even tell yourself this? Do you feel resistance? Are you scared? Awkward? Are you shy? Don’t you believe yourself? Here! What do you need to work with? Make sure to write it all down. This is your treasure. And look at what you need to work on?

Replace every negative thought about yourself with a positive one and leave negative experiences in the past once and for all. Today and now. You are in control of your thoughts and are able to change everything in your life through thoughts. Nobody can control them except yourself.


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