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  /  Neuro-linguistic Programming

“The Secret of Change is to focus
All of your energy not on fighting
The old, but on Building the new.”

– Socrates

What is NLP?

Neurolinguistic programming, also known as NLP, is a complex practice that includes three primary aspects of human behavior; neurology, linguistics, and programming, as the name suggests. Basically, this method influences the brain-behavior (neurology) through the use of language (linguistics) and other types of communication to enable a person to “recode” the way the brain responds to stimuli (programming). NLP processes are a set of skills and tools used for change, self-discovery, modeling, mission, identity, and purpose.

NLP has proven to be critical towards recovery, as it increases someone’s ability to experience authentic happiness.

Benefits of NLP

  • Overcoming limiting beliefs
  • Gain more control over your life
  • Resolve conflicts
  • Develop instant confidence
  • Enhance personal relationships
  • A deeper understanding of yourself
  • Master your emotions
  • More clarity in purpose and vision
  • Better dealing with pain
  • Breaking behavioral patterns
  • Improves communication
  • Creates more energy and relaxation
  • Improves organizational performance

How does it work?

This treatment is founded on the idea that people operate by internal “maps or guides” of the world that they learn through their senses throughout their lives based on experiences.

What NLP tries to do is detect and modify the limitations of an individual’s map of the world. This way they can move past these biases that they learned in a previous experience and it got imprinted on their maps, to help them recover. NLP must not be confused with hypnotherapy, as NLP operates at a conscious level by the use of language to bring changes in someone’s thoughts and behavior.