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Use self-actualization to improve your life

To fulfill and realize your talents is a goal everyone wants to achieve.

The ability to reach your full potential and live your life to the maximum is a dream most individuals will not reach for fear of it being impossible. However – it is very possible.


You can achieve everything you want in life through self-actualization.

Do you want to improve your life? Accomplish your dreams? Be successful and happy in every manner?

If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are probably thinking, ‘How do I achieve this?’.


In Psychology, self-actualization can be defined as “full realization of one’s creative, intellectual and social potential through internal drive”. Being your maximum best self is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and it is a feat that not many can achieve.

There is no secret recipe or trick on how to accomplish this. In fact, the very beauty of it is that everyone has the tools required to reach this level of self-actualization for the life they want to attain.

Another definition given for this concept that has been given is “the psychological process aimed at maximizing the use of a person’s ability and resources. This process may vary from one person to another” (Couture et al., 2007). 

As you may well know, we humans do not use our brain’s full potential, however, we have always wondered where we would be as a society if we did. But, imagine where you would be in life if you used your full potential. 


Positive Psychology

Michael Bernard is a well-known expert in the field of positive psychology. To achieve self-actualization and live the life you want, you need to be positive in your thoughts of reaching that goal every single day. You will always have bad days, however, your intention every morning, when you wake up, has to be crystal clear in advancing to your best self.

This is not meant to be a difficult or hard journey – there will be setbacks, but ultimately you have to be so committed to your cause of improving your life that nothing can come between you and your dream.

Bernard also found that those who visualized their best self every day in a positive manner where they enjoyed working on improving themselves also reported higher levels of well-being which of course improves anybody’s quality of life.

Reaching your purpose means you will be more targeted in your behavior and actions, more motivated, and even healthier as less energy will be directed on negative emotions and events, and more will be rechannelled to positivity and happiness.


Steps you can take today

Whilst it is very important to understand the psychology and theory of positive psychology – what is even more crucial is taking the actual steps towards living this state.


Be mindful and present

This is where you fully absorb yourself into the journey and make sure every conscious decision you make is for your cause.

Make sure your body posture and behavior serves your purpose. Experience your advancement to self-actualization in its purest and most beautiful form.

Listen to music that inspires, speak to friends about your goals, and truly embrace happiness.



Whilst this was briefly mentioned, let me go into detail more about this fascinating activity.

Visualization is what truly helps you create a physical aspect of your dream.

Viewing pictures and reading quotes are positive actions that you need to take, but when you put all in a mood board, it becomes magical.

Unleash your inner creativity and make reflect you as an individual.

Be Appreciative

This is very important. If you are not grateful for where you are at this moment in time, then you will never appreciate what you achieve.

Take advantage of the resources around you, be grateful for friends and family, and use them as support systems.

Talk to your therapist or life coach.

One way you can be appreciative is before you go to sleep each night, write in notebook things that you appreciate about your day – it is very useful and very important.


Health First

Mental health and physical health tie in together.

In order to feel your best self and ensure you have enough energy, you need a healthy lifestyle.

If you’re physically healthy, that will be reflected on your mental health as well.



This the first major character in a healthy lifestyle and making sure you are working towards improving yourself every day.

If you are not getting enough sleep, this can be damaging to your health in the long-term.

You need to ensure you are doing an activity every day which increases your heart rate.

Not only will this mean that you are more active, but exercise releases endorphins which leads you to feel happier.

Furthermore, endorphins are also said to reduce stress and anxiety whilst also boosting your self-esteem.

These are all extremely positive and there is literally no harm, meaning you have absolutely nothing to lose!



Now comes, arguably, the most incredibly paramount aspect of the entire process. Essentially, if you are not doing this, you will not attain anything. 

The only way to achieve your highest-self and improve your life is by working with yourself each and every day. Sleep well every day. Visualize every day. 

This process will entail months and years of work daily to reach where you want to be.

It will all be worth it to be the person you want and the life you have always dreamed of.


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