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  /  Anxiety   /  How to deal with anxiety and stress

We all experience stress and anxiety at several points in life.

Stress is a comeback of fearful situations and anxiety in that situation is a psychological reaction to the stress.

Ultimately people shared their experiences that, at least relatively, stress affects their lives.

Long-term stress can cause many psychological as well as physical problems such as headaches, high blood pressure, chest pain, heart palpitations, skin rashes, and sleep shortage.


Effective ways to deal with stress and anxiety

When an individual feels intense anxiety or worry that may be a symptom of an anxiety disorder.

We can all learn how to overcome or reduce the effect of stress, and how to monitor or control symptoms


Write down and challenge your thoughts

We often do not know what the reason for our depressive mood and nervousness is.

When our head is full of negative thoughts sometimes it also leads to anxiety.

Trying to write down your thoughts and feelings will help you identify the root cause of stress.

Then add evidence supporting or disapproving of any feelings and thoughts you may have.

It will make you realize how hyperbolic your thoughts are, or not true.

This is how; you can transform your negative thoughts, and challenge them. You can use a notebook or a diary for this.


Try to be positive 

You need to start concentrating on healthy, beautiful, and optimistic thoughts and things.

t’s the best way to stop your mind from being worried and healthy.

Value and enjoy the little blessings of daily life.

Let your dream, wish, and conceive of the best thing about the future.



You can do some exercise to protect yourself against anxiety and stress.

By placing physical stress on your body it will alleviate mental stress.

There are very strong advantages to doing the daily workout.

If you exercise daily then people who are not consistent with doing the exercise regularly will feel anxiety less likely.

Exercising lowers body tension and stress hormones.

The tension and worry could adversely impact your sleep. Yet exercise boosts your sleep consistency and helps you feel relaxed.


 Connect and communicate with others

Talk to family and friends, and spend time with them.

It’s also a great idea to hang out and plan activities with friends to lessen the impact of stress.

Do small tasks and share your thoughts with those we bond strongly and make us feel supported, confident, or secure.

The time that we spend with them helps us to feel better and less angry about the issues.

Share your feelings and issues with a member of your family or friend who listens and cares whenever you feel upset and concerned.

It will make you feel more understandable and more capable of tackling this problem.

This will prompt you to encounter times when everybody has those feelings. In that, you’re not alone.


Try to smile every time

You forget your anxious thoughts and problems when you laugh.

Laugh is extremely beneficial to your health.

There are ways in which laughter helps relieve stress such as: ease your response to stress and relax the muscles to relieve stress.

It has a positive effect on your mood when you smile most of the time, and also improves your immune system.


Support other people

When individuals support other people, through such things as volunteering or community work, he becomes more productive.

When you see others that are far worse off than your circumstances, it can help bring you a different viewpoint on your problems.

The more that you help others, the stronger and more contented you feel.

If you don’t have the time to volunteer or money to donate, try to do someone a favor every day.

You can do little favor, such as helping someone cross the road, if you don’t have enough time to volunteer or donate money.

That can be as simple as anything.


Avoid using drugs

Remember; don’t use alcohol, smoking, and caffeine as your mechanism for coping.

It is like closing your eyes to a troubling situation.

It might offer immediate relief but it won’t make the problems go away.

You need to know the root cause of your stress and begin to address it.

If you take a high amount of caffeine and alcohol, it causes stress and anxiety to increase.



Gratitude makes you remember all the things you should be grateful for.

Count your blessings every day whether it’s a sunny day or thankful to God that you safely reached home after work.

All the little good things you have in your everyday life can be it.

Most importantly, gratitude assures you to find out how to cope with stress by empowering the resources.


Eat a healthy diet

An unhealthy diet can be more responsive to stress.

Binge eating and taking high-fat and sugar foods just for the moment gives you relief and satisfaction.

It contributes to stress in the long term.

Eating a balanced diet will help you combat stress in the long run.

Excessive use of refined carbs can trigger a spike in blood sugar and make you feel more anxious and stress.

You should take healthy foods such as eggs, avocado, and walnuts that help to regulate mood and energy balance.


Meditation and mindfulness

Meditation and mindfulness can help you lower the occurrence of stress.

It fights negative thinking that leads to anxiety, also increases self-confidence, and diminishes anxiety symptoms



Stress and anxiety can be hard to cope with. They may have negative effects on your physical health if treatment is delayed for extended periods. Having a certain amount of anxiety and stress in life is normal but it should not be causes of concern. Keep in mind that at what point in your life stress causes negative meanings. If you find stress uncontrollable, psychologists can peruse professional help and ask others to help you find the support you need. 


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